Kitty Gone Wild

June 28, 2017 - Cleo Ami is still small, but she is fierce.  If Wolverine had a kitten, it would be Cleo.  When Sunny Puisance gets scared and runs away from something, Cleo runs in towards the "danger" to see what it is and take it on.  Last week, she single handily kept us safe … Continue reading Kitty Gone Wild


Secret Project Unveiling!

UPDATED 5/9/2017 with more pictures of the build process. UPDATED 5/17/2017: I swapped friction tuners out with geared tuners and made a light weight strap from parachute cord and spring end caps. See new picture at end of post. The official unveiling of my secret project! It's a backpack travel ukulele, concert size. Throw this … Continue reading Secret Project Unveiling!

Hittin’ the Books – Exercise 3

Objective:  To cut out a simple object, following lines to produce a smooth, continuous, flowing cut all around and to produce sharp exterior features using the LOOP METHOD. Materials needed: (1) 3/4″ x 4 1/2″  – 5 1/2″ long piece of wood #5 skip-tooth blade I'm sure Loop Turns have their place. But after the … Continue reading Hittin’ the Books – Exercise 3