Ocean Rescue Fun!

April 15, 2021 - You read about Penny and her Unicorns a couple months ago. Turns out, she has a friend that is into Ocean Rescue and has a pet otter named Baby Luna. Yeah, really! This expansion set includes Baby Luna otter, a blue sea horse, a green sea turtle, a dolphin, a baby … Continue reading Ocean Rescue Fun!


March 11, 2021 - ❤️ Semi-Dream Project ❤️ A friend challenged me to build a puzzle box! After a little research, I realized they are quite detailed and intense. It seemed a Burr puzzle would be a good mini skill building project. So, I added them both to my Dream Project list. Burr puzzles, and … Continue reading Burrrrr

Play Pal Cars getting a Lift – Part 3

Dec 17, 2020 - ❤️ Dream Project Alert! ❤️ After finishing the previous set of Play Pal cars, I noticed an intriguing plan for a truck set on ToyMakingPlans.com that matches the Play Pal cars style. It just needs to be sized down to similar scale. The tow truck and dump truck were what really … Continue reading Play Pal Cars getting a Lift – Part 3

Going Electric – Part 2 (aka Building a Bridge Over Troubled Piezo)

August 27, 2020 - Continuing from last post... With COVID sheltering in place, the tenor electric backpack uke is getting a lot of action by the Hubby. He likes to turn up the Gain and the Tone on the mini Vox amPlug to make it sound like he is shredding an electric guitar! He's enjoying … Continue reading Going Electric – Part 2 (aka Building a Bridge Over Troubled Piezo)

Going Electric – Part 1 (The Build)

August 13, 2020 - Throwback Thursday! In early 2017, I made an acoustic backpack ukulele, posted about here. Later that same year, I made an tenor electric backpack ukulele. It is great for practice or playing late or while someone is watching TV, because it is very quiet to those around, while the player can … Continue reading Going Electric – Part 1 (The Build)